traveling mister bearcy contest

hello friends

since william doesnt need me to absorb his tears anymore and because of the arrival of my arch nemesis george hamham i feel the need to get some fresh air and travel abroad and maybe find a new home

would you like to spend a week with me and show me the interesting sites where you live

and would you be willing to photograph my adventures while i visit you so that i can post them on my twitter and tumblr and instagram

im terrible with bullet points so i hired an assistant to type the rest of this message


Dear LBD fans,

Would you like to spend a week with Mister Bearcy? 

Do you have fun and interesting places to take him? 

Would you like to contribute to a photo album of his adventures? 

Then we have a contest for you!! 

Starting in May, we’re giving YOU the opportunity to host Bearcy as he travels all over the LBD fandom! 

Participants will:

- receive the original authentic Mister Bearcy doll in the mail!

- spend up to one week with him!

- take pictures of his travels and shenanigans and submit them for publication on the Mister Bearcy Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Instagram accounts!

- send him by mail to the next contestant, thereby making that person’s week awesome!

At the end of Mister Bearcy’s travels, a panel of fellow LBD fans will select the winning photo from among those submitted!

If you win this contest, you’ll receive, among other prizes, YOUR VERY OWN MISTER BEARCY!!!

If you’re interested in details or would like to sign up for this contest, email by Wednesday, May 1.

Thank you for being awesome and inspiring this contest!! And please re-share this post so we can reach as many fans as possible!!

its me again thank you for your consideration respectfully yours mister bearcy